Promoting Personal, Relational & Sexual Wellness

Promoting Personal, Relational & Sexual Wellness

Promoting Personal, Relational & Sexual WellnessPromoting Personal, Relational & Sexual WellnessPromoting Personal, Relational & Sexual Wellness

A Private Studio for Events, Classes, Workshops & Intimate Coaching



Claim Your Right to Enhanced Pleasure

 Since quietly opening our doors for private conversations and relaxed consultations about intimate issues, Liberte Studio has offered accessible, inclusive relational & sexual wellness coaching for clients in the gtreater Asheville NC area and with online services, well beyond. 

Our mission is to assist individuals in identifying, reclaiming and embracing the fullness of their erotically charged lives. 

We do not provide therapeutic care or sex work. We are a coaching and empowerment studio for personal and relational development only. We do offer classes & workshops by trained specialists. 

We also offer wellness products such as vibrators, lubricants, kegel devices etc. in a private office setting where conversations with a certified sex coach is guided by your interests and concerns.

Contact us today for a free 15 minute inquiry to see how we can help you and, and if intended, your intimate partner. 


The Secret to Ecstatic Life

 Tapping into one's inner infinite source of well-being through erotic energy has been cultivated in other cultures for thousands of years. In this culture however, there are layers upon layers of lack of knowledge, misconception and embarrasment around the vital life force that is sexuality. 

With conscious regard for the mystery and beauty of our sexual natures, we can access a point of true power that energizes our way of being in the world. Without shame and with great compassion for ourselves and others, using that power can solidify our sense of self that gives us greater confidence in all our activities. 

Come home to your center and drink deeply from the well of delight. Your life will blossom in ways you never expected once you make this courageous decision.  


Play into Self-Discovery!

Who are you at your deepest level? 

How does that align with who you are in the world? 

Our most meaningful and valuable journey is the one into ourselves. Explore your inner worlds through archetypes. It's something you probably already do naturally, but perhaps not fully conciously,  with your attire, your voice, your expressions. 

How intentional are you in your efforts, though? Observe how the personas you play into resonate with the truths of our inner desires. 

Your excursions into meditation, play & fantasy will help you to develop an understanding of how majestic and purposeful all the different aspects of YOU come together at center to give you a greater sense of your own personal power.  

Let us help you identify & own your unified, boldy empowered self.


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