Claim Your Right to Enhanced Pleasure in Life!

Liberte Studio attracts unique instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge to share with you in the comforting space in this exquisite little cottage.  

Both instructors and clients are invited to join us in an array of coaching opportunities, informative classes and life-enhancing workshops.  

The Liberte Studio space is available for private parties, small events and community gatherings as well.  


Play into Self-Discovery!

Who are you at your deepest level? 

How does that align with who you are in the world? 

Observe how the many personas you exhibit resonate with the truths of your inner desires. 

Our most meaningful and valuable journey 

is the one into ourselves.  
Education, meditation, body movement & play will help you develop an understanding of how majestic and purposeful all the different aspects of YOU come together at center.  

The result - a greater sense of your own personal power.   


The Secret to Ecstatic Life

 Tapping into one's inner infinite source of well-being through erotic energy has been cultivated in other cultures for thousands of years. 

In this culture however, there are layers upon layers of lack of knowledge, misconception and embarrasment around sexuality

 With conscious regard for the mystery and beauty of our true natures, 

without shame and with great compassion for ourselves and others, with well-developed boundaries and clear communication,

life gets better.

Come home to your center and drink deeply from the well of delight! Join us for an amazing adventure!